Refractory cement A71

  • General Description:

    SD-CAC71 hydraulic adhesive was based on calcium aluminate composition Which has features such as good defrosting, normal handling and hardening This cement does not contain any additives and with most additives Organic and inorganic to achieve usability, flow and robust behavior Suitable for different types of defocused masses.

    Amol Refractory Industries Co., calcium aluminate cement with alumina content 71% by weight with appropriate manufacturing process using alumina raw materials And the church produces high purity. This product complies with the quality indicators The standard is produced.

  • Features and Usage:

    SD-CAC71 is suitable for high temperature refractory applications. This cement has characteristics such as rheological properties and stable strength, Good resistance to chemical corrosion, abrasion resistance and heat shock It is convenient. Also the low impurity content gives the optimum performance High temperature and resistance to atmospheric carbon monoxide-lowering atmospheres Other factors. SD-CAC71 Cement for the manufacture of mass refractory compounds (castable / dispersible) And any other monolithic refractory for high temperature applications such as the steel industry And petrochemicals are used.

  • Technical Specifications:

    The following data shows the total values of each of the qualitative characteristics.

  • chemical mixture:

    The main chemical components of the SD-CAC71 cement are listed below.

  • Mineral composition:

  • Physical and mechanical properties of cement:

  • Physical and mechanical properties - Cement mortar:

    These tests are performed using cementitious mortar with appropriate applicability. The desired cement mortar composition includes 1350 grams of standard grains, 450 grams Cement and 210 grams of water.

  • Packaging & Expiry Time:

    SD-CAC71 is packaged in 25kg or 1000kg bags To be. This cement has a shelf life of 6 months if kept in condition Dry is suitable. In most cases the product properties are longer than one year Remains constant. The cement should not be wet, outdoors or in contact with the environment Keep straight with the ground.