General Descriptions:

DirgodazAmol manufactures high qualityprecast refractory shapes (SD-PRS Series)with appropriate casting, curing, prefiring or firing procedures.Precast shapes are usually made from insulating and dense monolithic refractory with maximum service temperatureof 1870 °C.

Advantages & Characteristics:

SD-PRS series products features includegood thermo mechanical properties, good thermal shock resistance,high corrosion and erosion resistance, complicated shapes and precise dimensions.

Type of Precast Refractory Shapes:

A wide range of SD-PRS series products includes Burner blocks,Well Blocks, Nozzles,Stoppers, Runners, Lintels,Piers, Door Jambsand etc.

Typical applications:

SD-PRSseries products application areas include industrial furnaces and Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Chemical & Petrochemical, Ceramics & Glass, Primary & Secondary Aluminium, Mineral Processing and cement industries.

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