Lightweight refractory

  • General description:

    Lightweight refractory masses are widely used as back-up refractory layers for industrial applications. "dirgodazamol Industries Inc." manufactures insulating insulators (SD-IC series) in a variety of pouring and dispersing for high-temperature locations. Various types of these products have been produced and supplied with a hydraulic seal and based on porous aluminosilicate grains. In some of these products, the amount of iron is low and is suitable for atmospheric resuscitation. The above products can be produced and supplied in various technical properties according to the standard as well as for special requests from the customer.

  • Advantages and specifications:

    The products of the SD-IC range are characterized by high anti-corrosion properties, suitable mechanical properties, low thermal conductivity, rheological properties, and suitable mounting capabilities.

  • application:

    The SD-IC series products are used in a variety of industrial furnaces and industries such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemical and petrochemicals, glass and ceramics, aluminum, minerals and cement.