Insulation FireBrick

  • General description:

    Insulating refractory bricks (IFB), lightweight bricks with thermal conductivity and special heat capacity are low. Lightweight refractory bricks are used as thermal insulation layers and in supportive layers in high temperature industrial furnaces. "Dirgodaz Amol Co." produces various types of insulating bricks (SD-B series). Each of these products is designed according to the ASTM standard and offers good physical, mechanical and thermal performance. The above products can be produced and supplied in various technical properties according to standard and also in accordance with special customer's requests.

  • Advantages and specifications:

    The SD-B Series products have characteristics such as low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, good strength, high purity, resistance to corrosive and degradable environments, rupture resistance and precise dimensions.

  • application:

    The SD-B Series products are used in various industries such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemical and petrochemicals, minerals, glass and ceramics, aluminum, cement and energy.