denes castable

  • General description:

    dirgodazamol Industrial Co. produces its own heavy-duty refractory (SD-DC series) refractories for use in high temperature applications. These products have a hydraulic clamping system and include a variety of ordinary cement masses, low cement masses and ultra-low cement masses. Various types of these products are also based on alumina and aluminosilicate compounds. Also products such as self-lubricating masses and masses containing zirconium additives, silicon carbide, magnesium aluminate spinel and certain materials are also among the products of this company. Some of these pouring masses have been designed and delivered with a high adhesion and low separation spray method. The above products can be manufactured and supplied with various technical properties in accordance with the standard as well as special customer requests.

  • Advantages and specifications:

    The SD-DC series products have characteristics such as high compressive strength and flexural strength, suitable thermo mechanical properties, adequate thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance, and rheological properties and suitable mounting features.

  • application:

    SD-DC series products are used in industrial furnaces and industries related to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemical and petrochemicals, glass and ceramics, aluminum, minerals and cement.