Insulating Castable

General Descriptions:

Low density monolithic refractories can be widely used as back-up or hot face insulation lining inindustrial applications. DirgodazAmol offersCastable and Gunning type of lightweight monolithic refractories (SD-IC Series) for high temperature structural applications. Various types of hydraulic setting monolithic products were developed based on light weight alumino-silicate aggregates. Some of these products have low iron content which is suitable for reducing atmosphereconditions.SD-IC series products are available in different technical specifications according onstandard and also specific custom orders.

Advantages & Characteristics:

SD-IC series products features includehigh refractoriness, good mechanical strength, Low thermal conductivity, good rheological behavior and easy to installation.

Typical applications:

SD-IC series products application areas include industrial furnaces and Ferrous & Non-Ferrous, Chemical & Petrochemical, Ceramics & Glass, Primary & Secondary Aluminium, Mineral Processing and cement industries.

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