Ceramic Filter Foam

General Descriptions:

Ceramic FoamFilters(CFF) are low-density and high porosity materials which have unique cellular structure.DirgodazAmol manufactures different types of ceramic foam filters (SD-CFF series). Ceramic foam filters are used effectively for removing the inclusions and impurities from liquid metals, which improve themechanical properties, machinability and surface quality of final products. It reduces trapped gas and provides laminar flow of metals melt in castingsystems.

Advantages & Characteristics:

SD-CFF series productsfeatures include high refractoriness,good thermo mechanical properties,good thermal shock resistance, high resistance to chemical attack in molten metals, high surface to volume ratios andprecise dimensions.

Typical applications:

SD-CFF series products application areas includeferrous &non-ferrousmetal melt filtration, hot gas cleaning, dust collectors, heat exchangers and sensors.

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