Dirgodazamol Industries Co. was established in 1999 with the aim of producing refractory products used in petrochemical industry of cement steel, ceramic casting glass whose production requires special technologies.



Production of refractory products such as insulated bricks, shaped castings, lightweight refractories and ...

Scientific research on materials science and refractories as a knowledge base

Design and implementation of refractory projects, manufacturing refractory furnaces and ... in the country's industry

Producer of raw materials of different industries of the country


production capacity:

The company is currently the largest producer of this product in the Middle East and Central Asia region by producing light refractory bricks in all grades, with a circulation of 2,000,000 molds per year.

Insulating refractory bricks (IFB), lightweight bricks with thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity, are used as thermal insulation layers and in supportive layers in high temperature industrial furnaces.


Take our products:

The goal of this company is to create a diversification of production in refractory products in such a way that the most important items of the customer in the same unit can be produced and supplied.

The company's achievements are quantitative and qualitative to the extent that it is now the first choice of petrochemicals, oil and steel in the field of refractories needed for their ongoing projects.


Dirgdazamol Company has other products, such as all kinds of Streamer Ceramic Filters for casting parts, nozzle and stooper alumina and graphite types for steel floor tiles, all types of graphetic stoopers for continuous casting, lightweight, semi-light and heavy-duty refractories in a manner Casting and disintegrating, refractory grade beads in different grades, and finally, silicon-based calcium slabs, as well as their own products, and these are for the industries that need it.