Dirgodaz Amol co. was established in 2000 with the purpose of manufacturing refractory products which are used in oil, petrochemicals, steel, cement, glass, ceramic, casting and porcelain industries that their productions require special technologies.


• Manufacturing Refractory Products Such As IFB

• Scientific Researches In Refractory As a Knowlege-Based Company

• Planning And Executing Refractory Projects In Various Industries

• Manufactuerer of Raw Materials for Many Industries


Now this company is the largest manufacturing company of insulating firebricks in all grades with the capacity 2000000 templates per year in the Middle East and Central Asia.

IFB can be widely used as thermal preservation layer, back-up and hot face insulation lining, in various high temperature industrial units

An Immidate Look Upon Our Products

Dirgodaz Amol co. also manufactures some other refractory products such as Strainer Ceramic Filters for casting parts, Nozzles, Alumina Stoppers and Graphite Stoppers for steel ladles, long Graphite Stoppers for continuous castings, kinds of insulating, semi-weight and dense Castables into casting and gunning, insulating refractory grains in different sizes and ultimately Calcium Silicate Boards.

Inventions And Innovations

Furthermore 30-year experiences of the managers of this company about manufacturing different refractory products and related equipments cause that they manufacture and deliver firing pottery and ceramic kilns, laboratory kilns by the trade mark Dirgodazkilns and induction furnaces for melting metals with the power 10 KVA to 110 KVA by the trade mark Elqa Therm for satisfying customers.

Our Goals And Visions

The company's goal is diversifying in refractory products in such a way that it can provide all important demanded items of the customers. Now the company's achievements in terms of quantity and quality are at a level that cause it as the first choice of Petrochemical, Oil and Steel industries for their required refractory products.

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