Insulation Firebricks
Insulating Castable
Dense Castable
Technical Calcium Silicate
Ceramic Filter Foam
Ceramic Strainer
Aluminate Nozzle
graphite stopper rod
refractory cement A700
refractory cement Secar71
Stopper Head
  • example-image Azar Exhibition 97 The presence of ِDirgodazamol industries at the exhibition in December, 1397
  • example-image Acceptance of Dirgodazamol Industries Co. in Knowledge of Bonyan Co. Following the constant and diligent efforts of various departments of the Industrial Company Dirgodazamol, the unit seeks to convene a hearing on one of its future products, which could lead to significant changes in the field of casting industry and parts filtering operations, a knowledge company Founded as a member of the Science and Technology Park of Mazandaran Province.